Most of the time, I can be found writing or staring out the window questioning my own existence. When I can be bothered to come around here, I talk a lot about feelings. And uh… food. And oh yeah, dogs! And yup, more feelings.

I am partnered to an odd and handsome fella and mama to a muppet. It might be a goat… or a mini Poodle mix. Who knows?

I am quite fond of learning more about history and different cultures, researching all the things, photography, and squealing over baby animals. I am also an avid ponderer on the scrumptiousness of ice cream and believe everyone should join me in this illustrious work.

Presently, I am untangling the bits and pieces of various novels I have brought into existence and it’s so fun, like, SO fun, like HAHAHAHAHA OH GOD WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO PLEASE SEND HELP.


Welcome to Wanderwhirl.

xo~ wanderwhirlgirl