It always bothers me when you see a bunch of people at events with their families, but they’re also lugging around their fancy cameras and tripods. You have to walk around them and try not to get in their shot. Their families are waiting on them. They have to wait for you to move out of their frame. A traffic jam of people occurs. Seeing a bunch of people with cameras up to their eyeballs is distracting from the real experience let alone if they’re breaking out their tripods and lighting equipment. Everyone’s experience is hindered.

Maybe someday there will be unplugged events like unplugged weddings. I’d rather quickly snap a few amateur photos and enjoy the experience with my friends and family that I feel is lost if I’m trying to capture that “perfect” shot every half hour.

Ya feel me?

Wow, that was pretty rant-y of me…

Anyway… a few weeks ago, The Hubs and I ventured out to the Franklin Park Conservatory to check out Bruce Munro’s Light exhibition. We found a few of the exhibitions a bit meh, but a few of them were also kind of cool. Here is my visual sampling…

Franklin Park Conservatory_Bruce Munro Icos

Franklin Park Conservatory_Bruce Munro Eden Blooms

The next three images are from my favorite of the installations titled The Field Of Light and the only one where I spent a significant amount of time with the camera up to my eyeballs. ;) It is outside and pretty wide open. It would be an awesome setting for an outdoor nighttime wedding.

Bruce Munro Field Of Light (1)

Bruce Munro Field Of Light (5)

Bruce Munro Field Of Light (4)

The next two images is from the Beacon installation which is a bunch of recycled plastic bottles.

Franklin Park Conservatory_Bruce Munro Beacon (1)

Franklin Park Conservatory_Bruce Munro Beacon (2)

Franklin Park Conservatory_Bruce Munro Whizz Pops (2)

Franklin Park Conservatory_Bruce Munro Whizz Pops (1)

The exhibit goes on until March 30, 2014. Be forewarned that the price of admission is a few dollars more than the general admission fee, but it’s a good choice if you and your significant other are looking for something romantic to do in the city. 

Bruce Munro Field Of Light (3)