As the presidential term of our 45th president looms ahead and we approach 100 days of a gloomy, frightening USA, I have often wondered how do his voters feel now? I know the diehard conservatives who are all ‘America first!” and “Yeah, fuck women’s rights!” and “Get those foreigners out of our country!” probably still think Trump is the Second Coming of Christ.

But… what about everyone else who voted for Trump and maybe have a shred of sense in the heads? Ya know, the ones who managed to overlook his racist, sexist, and xenophobic platform in a poor attempt to keep “politicians” out of our government. “I’m not racist. I just think he speaks his mind. Anyone but Hillary. Amirite?”

Remember those voters? The ones who had some misguided notion of Trump restoring dying industries of jobs to the common folks and crafting easy, inexpensive healthcare out of a mixture of unicorn poop and fairy dust.

Oh yeah…

Now, you remember who I’m talking about. Yeah, those people. Those people who now seem to be silent at least from what I can discern from my brief information-seeking forage into the scary land of social media from time to time.

What do they think now? What do they have to say to the rest of us they brought down with them? What will they do to help us make this fucked up presidential pile of asshat shittery go away?

According to some survey of 25 Trump voters, he has a 100% approval rating from them. Various social media outlets like Twitter seem to portray a different story from his voters with #TrumpRegrets. And, the FiveThirtyEight poll of how (un)popular our President is… well, isn’t looking so hot.

So aside from Twitter hashtags, where are all the other regretful Trump voters expressing their discontent with our president? I imagine they are just sitting at home blissfully unaware and/or apathetic about what their vote has done to our country. And that, my friends, makes me even angrier than the careless and uninformed vote they cast in the first place.

I find it very sad that it is almost always the ones who did not fuck up in the first place to go out there and attempt to fix things while everyone else either pretends it’s not happening and that they had no part in the asshat shittery or actively tries to fuck it up even more.

Below is what I shared on my personal Facebook the day after the election. I thought I would share it here as well because sadly, we are still very much a divided country. Hopefully, more of us (read: all the regretful Trump voters) will join the rest of the country in resisting, fighting for fairness, and creating change that is good for everyone.

Let me tell ya… growing up as little Asian girl in southern Ohio, I never felt afraid. Self-conscious and like I didn’t belong, yes, but never concerned for my safety. Mean, hateful words never physically hurt me.

And while Asians have not been an outright target in this election and I probably have nothing to worry about, I know I will not be able to help feeling wary in the future, especially when traveling in certain areas of our country. I feel it will be grade school all over again except with bigger, angrier bullies shouting racial slurs in Walmart parking lots.

So, now my tears are of sadness, anxiety, and disappointment. I have never felt so uncertain and afraid after a presidential election. Not for me necessarily. I married a white, privileged male. If anything, Trump would see me as a successful white man’s token Asian wife. No, I worry for other beautiful American minorities… people of varying arrays of skin tones, cultures, religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

I did not vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman. I voted for her because she was our best option, an accomplished politician I had hoped would beat the odds and the sexism to become our first female president.

When I voted, I thought about who would be the best fit for our country as a whole because that’s a significant part of being a democracy. We are one big community who should be thinking of each other and taking care of one another.


Who did you think of when you voted?

Stay strong, folks. Create. Speak up. Resist. ✊

xo~ Frani