a place of wandering (and most definitely, whirling),

a place of self-discovery and self-creation,

a place of love (and yes, sorrow),

a place of fun,

a place of adventure,

a place of failure and growth,

a place of reflection,

a place of sharing and giving,

and a place of gratitude.

It is and always will be a place where I am true to myself… where I give in to the moment.

The promise I make to myself is to always write what is in my heart and what is on my mind. I may come here often to yammer on about some thing or another, and most of the time, nothing of substance at all. Sometimes I may not show up for a long while until I feel as if I’m about to burst. And then? Then, I will spill out onto the pages a big mess of words in an attempt to make sense of my scattered thoughts and jumbled emotions.

When I feel lost or get caught up in the drama of the world outside my bubble, this is the place that will constantly remind me who I am and why.

And throughout this journey, I will share some stories and my favorite photographs of places I’ve visited or lived or just of things I like.

I will offer my thoughts and insight on self-awareness and the process of always learning and growing as an individual.

I may share my feelings about writing my first novel encompassing a world (not to mention an endeavor) so overwhelming that it has proven to be a daunting undertaking, and I will question myself every step of the way.

And what I will offer to you, dear reader, is a place with some decent advice (or at least a few good tips on where to eat!), a place that will hopefully make you think about something other than cat videos or the latest celebrity news, and a place where you will feel not so alone. 

So, hi there! And welcome to Wanderwhirl.

xo~ wanderwhirlgirl

Additional Tidbits Of Info About Yours Truly ~

 I was born and raised in a small city in southern Ohio right along the Ohio river. Simple town life to outsiders but complex and sometimes turbulent to the folks who live there. Three hops, seven skips, and one stone’s throw away from Kentucky and West Virginia. Roaming country roads with a friend and a couple dogs, shoving wild blackberries with purple-stained fingers into my mouth, playing badminton in the backyard, riding my bicycle all over the place, and stompin’ and hollerin’ at the hilltop jamboree — that is the essence of my childhood.

 I am pack leader to a handsomely bearded, incredibly weird, and supportive husband (who should write more stories of his own) and an adorable cute mini goat Poodle mix.

♥  After five years in Seattle, the husband and I finally made our New England dreams come true. We made another cross country trek in September 2019 (with just one old pup this time instead of two though *sobbing*) and are currently residing in a lakehouse in Maine! Eeep! We have not experienced a proper winter since February 2014 in Ohio, so uh… yeah.

 For those interested, I am definitely a mutt — of a slightly less fuzzy variety, of course. I am about a quarter Thai and a quarter East Asian which consists of a fair amount of Chinese. I am half European – mostly British and Irish along with some French and possibly some Dutch and German. So yeah, I’m a big ol’ mixed bag.

  I am a bit of a snob when it comes to food. Alright, fine. I’m a HUGE snob but not in the pretentious, gourmet kind of way. I’ll take some street tacos and cheesecake over overpriced, fancy-pants nibbles. I just love good food, and good ol’ midwestern comfort food makes me so, so happy. Country gravy was one of the first staples I was taught how to make when I was a kid, so I can almost always get on board with some biscuits and gravy. Or tacos. Tacos are good, y’all.

  Aside from dogs, my favorite animals are giraffes. Sea otters are becoming a close second. I mean, you guys, they’re like water puppies!

 I lean heavily towards introversion. That doesn’t mean I’m shy. That doesn’t mean I hate social interaction or have major social anxiety. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m quiet all the time. It just means I need to be careful with my sweet, sweet energy juices.

 I possess a gold belt in karate. Yeah, no one else knows what a gold belt is either. And yes, I know you’re thinking it. So “Asian” of me to dabble in martial arts. *insert eye roll here*

  I am having an ongoing love affair with my Kindle. Shhh, don’t tell the print books. It’s complicated.

 I feel more comfortable talking philosophy with a chatty old man on the bus or conspiracy theories with an eccentric living on the streets than trying to be my most intelligent and pleasing self with my supposed peers. So, I can only engage in ostentatious interactions for so long until I drop the F-bomb, devour a messy cheeseburger like a ravenous wild child, and just want everyone to chill the fuck out on their A game.

  Give me caramels, cheesecake, or Salt & Straw ice cream, and you’ll have a friend for life.

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p.s. All images are snapped by me (or once in a while, the husband) unless otherwise noted. I currently use an old but trustworthy Nikon D7000 with 35mm f/1.8 and 85mm f/3.5 lenses as well as a Samsung Galaxy S7 S10 for my mobile pics.

p.p.s. Comments are disabled. I feel this frees me to write true and strong as well as to not get distracted with moderating comments and spam. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to message me or hunt me down on social media. Thank you for your understanding.