Autumn… it’s my favorite time of year. I love the feel of the brisk air cooling my cheeks. I am mesmerized by the red and yellow leaves swirling in the air before they float to the ground. I love a soft, warm sweater, a pair of good leaf-kickin’ boots, and oh yes, pumpkin spice all the things. Visually, it hasn’t been too shabby of an autumn in Seattle. It seems more colorful to me than the previous two years we have lived here. Or, maybe I have been chasing after it more this year.

A couple weekends ago, the husband and I embarked upon a road trip to Leavenworth just for the drive. And while we may have missed peak color, there was one section of the drive that was an enchanting sea of yellow. I would have snapped a few photos to share, but I kind of just wanted to be selfish and soak it all in with my eyeballs instead.

The one thing about a midwest autumn that I am missing though is the smell. Some people may not know what I’m talking about while those in the midwest or New England area certainly do, and it could be because it doesn’t get quite cold enough here in Seattle. Of course, I don’t think the rain smells the same here either for the most part. Maybe that’s just me being a weirdo with a sensitive nose, but there is some science behind the smell of different seasons. I remember even the rain in Portland, Oregon smelling different than Seattle, but maybe it’s because they have more consistent greenery throughout their city and a slight more distinction in their seasons.

At any rate, I miss that smell of autumn. Seattle is situated in a beautiful spot surrounded by mountains and water, and the more I live here in the Pacific Northwest, the more I appreciate its beauty. But man… I miss proper seasons. 

Happy Wanderlustin’!

xoxo~ Frani