Sunset On The Atlantic

The sun is shining. The birds are chirping this morning. Birds, people! That means Spring is on its way, right!? *fingers crossed*

The above image was snapped on a cruise ship out on the Atlantic ocean in a somewhat chilly October. We were in the vicinity of making our way from St. John, New Brunswick to Halfiax, Novia Scotia, so we were somewhere off the coast of Canada and upper Maine.

On this particular evening, the husband and I are chilling in our cabin after our adventures exploring the city of St. John… resting before dinner the way you do when you’re on a cruise ship filled with a bunch of old people. (I’ll write more about that later, I promise.)

The captain of our vessel… I’d like this to sound more adventurous than us just lapping in luxury on a cruise ship so *ahem*… the captain of our vessel comes onto the intercom to inform us that he has spotted a whale in case any of us want to attempt a glimpse. I grab our camera, and we navigate our way up to the deck of the ship through the throngs of confused , old people.

We stand outside on the deck and search the deep blue water for signs of giant sea creatures.

We wait.

The ocean frightens and mesmerizes me all at the same time.

The husband and I are completely alone on the deck except for one random guy with a camera who stares at us and tells me to get my camera ready. Why is he talking!? He’s invading not our physical space but our mental and emotional space… our intimate space. That annoys me. And, I don’t like anyone, let alone strangers, telling me what to do.

I kind of glare/half smile at the random guy who is older than us but not as old as the old on our voyage.

Ah, the memories.

Needless to say, we miss seeing the whale but are left with a gorgeous view. We witness a beautiful sunset out on the open water in almost complete solitude.

Today, my happy place of wanderlust is reminiscent of this view… of this moment… but maybe minus the annoying guy, of course.

What’s your little daydream for the day?