Saturday, January 21, 2017.

Saturday, the day after the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

Saturday, a glorious, sunny day instead of the usual dreary, winter day in Seattle.

Saturday, an outpouring of love and support all across the globe. (Who knew this movement to march had gained such momentum!?)

Saturday, a day to make our presence known and our voices heard.

Saturday, a day to say, “No, we will not stand idly by while you take away our rights and threaten our lives, our health, and our freedoms.”

Saturday, a day where I was proud to stand and march with my fellow Americans: Muslim, Christian, atheist, deist, whatever the fuck you wanna believe, white, brown, black, yellow, all the fucking colors of the goddamn rainbow, gay, straight, transgender, male, female, young, and old.

Saturday, a day where each and every person was essentially saying to one another, “I got your back.”

Saturday, a beautiful day of peace and solidarity. 

Now, to those who say the marches did not/will not make a difference (especially you women and minorities… really baffles my mind, btw), check your blasé attitude at the door.

No matter how small or large the action, it makes an impact.

To those who don’t understand the marches, talk to someone who does.

Talk to someone of a different religion than yours. Talk to your lovely gay neighbor who you have no problem with. (“He’s a nice guy even though he’s gay.” That’s what you say, right?) Talk to a woman. Talk to a person of color. Talk to a woman of color. Expand your fucking horizons, people. Our country is way bigger and filled with so many more beautiful people than your little ol’ neighborhood of people you’ve known your entire lives.

To those who say “give him a chance” or “he hasn’t done anything yet” or “it’ll be OK” or “we need to unify”, I beg to differ. From the words out of his mouth in the very beginning of his campaign (not to mention his entire adult life) to his relentless twitter rants to his choices for cabinet, Trump has been given many chances to work for ALL people, and he has failed miserably.

Check the news for the latest executive actions our president has taken to “make America great again” with the flick of his pen.

To those who still don’t support the marches, so be it. That’s your prerogative. This is still a free country, and we, the ones who were out on Saturday, are doing what we can to ensure it stays that way. So, give us respect. Do not belittle us for exercising our right to free speech and protest.

Future you may be thanking us, so allow me to give you a bit of advice: you’d be wise to remember your history. Your rights and your privileges you enjoy in this country were not freely given to you, especially if you’re female or a minority. Brave men and women before you took to the streets and fought for your right to live equally amongst your neighbors and be granted the same opportunities as everyone else.

The people of this country are the ones who have always made the United States greater. Not its leaders.

Make no mistake, those rights you so very much take for granted while sitting smugly in the comfort of your home with said given privileges complaining about these “stupid, disruptive marches”… that entitlement you feel can be quickly taken away if you become complacent or lazy in your thoughts and actions.

And, let’s just back this shit up a second. Women and minorities are are still fighting for equality because newsflash: we are still not treated equally. Maybe in your delusion, you think otherwise. Maybe you’re OK with that. And if so, well, you’re a terrible human being. I will gladly tell you to fuck off while still marching my ass down the street continuing the fight for your right to equality and your right to freedom.

To my fellow Americans who were out there on Saturday, who are scared of what’s to come, I’m with you. I got your back.

Keep resistin’, my brothers & sisters. ✊

xoxo~ Frani


*Image snapped during Women’s March in Seattle on January 21, 2017.