Greyhound Husky Mix in Autumn

My peak moments of wanting to give up on my dreams and hopes for the future usually come at Springtime. It’s weird because Spring means renewal, rebirth, revival and other terms that usually denote something new age-y and full of hope, right?

Of course, it could very well be a seasonal or cyclical depression thing. Whatever the reason for when I feel lost and clueless on where I’m going in life and what I’m doing, Spring just summons all my doubts and insecurities to the surface. She doesn’t realize how her tactics make me feel… her taunting blossoms and come hither stare saying “Look at all the things you could accomplish! This is the time for you to be reborn… to bloom and flourish.”

Blegh. I usually just find myself even more discouraged and then lethargy sets in for a month.

The onset of Autumn is usually when I feel renewed and energetic, and that makes sense for me. Autumn is my favorite season. Autumn is when I married my smart and sexy husband. I love the feel and smell of the air. I love the campfires. I love the vibrant colors of the leaves of trees changing in preparation of Winter. And I think that’s the keyword here… change.

Spring makes me feel like we need to reinvent ourselves all over again every year. And usually, that’s not what we want or need to do. We just need to build upon the pretty good foundations we’ve already got going and leave room for improvements. That’s all this journey we’re on comes down to really. Personal growth just means changing… learning… evolving… preparing for a new chapter in life or whatever the future may bring our way.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love that the weather is warmer, but it’s that damp warm. Ya know what I mean? It doesn’t feel like a good kind of Spring. It’s more of an achy Spring when I see our muppet favoring his little gimp leg these past few rainy days. At those moments, I foresee my future arthritic self shaking my fist at the sky and mumbling something about “cursed season of rebirth”.

All of us are different meaning all of us are motivated in different ways. Although Spring doesn’t do it for me, it doesn’t mean you may not feel like it’s your season to thrive.

But if you’re feeling what I’m feeling, listen to some good tunes and get out of your funk. Go on a vacation or a little weekend getaway. Do something crazy. Do something random. It helps to break up your routine.

Do you ever notice how the seasons make you feel? Do you have a favorite?

xoxo~ Frani