Sound Sailboats

It’s been so long since I’ve written a single word not in an email that I ask you to please forgive me if this post just turns out to be one convoluted mess of a read.

As of August 15th, we have officially been living in Seattle for a year. And let me tell ya, folks… I don’t know if time moves along much faster here in the Pacific Northwest or if age is catching up to me, but it has flown by! It seems like yesterday we drove into Seattle exhausted, anxious, and excited with two equally tired and stressed out pups ready to begin a new chapter in our lives.

It took a bit of adaptation and adjustment, but life in downtown Seattle quickly became routine for us. We learned the best walking route for the pups. We came to know the regular homeless people setting up “shop” around Pike Place Market. We had our favorite produce guy at Frank’s and our favorite lunchtime hideaway from the crowds at Uli’s. We had a pretty stellar view of the Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, crazy fog, beautiful skies, and gorgeous sunsets.

But in a sense of adventure and a desire for less stressful dog outings and a bigger (and more proper) kitchen (instead of our tiny-ass kitchenette), we decided to move elsewhere when our lease ended. So in the month of August, we moved to a duplex in the Fremont area where there is grass, more foliage that more than makes up for downtown’s lack of foliage (and bees.. and spiders..), way less homeless folks meandering the streets, and quieter nights.

It’s only been about a month, but I currently have mixed feelings on our move farther north though. I love our proper kitchen and the more space. I sometimes love the more relaxed, chill, and hippie vibe as opposed to the busy rush of downtown life. We still get to witness the PNW sunsets, albeit more obscured by trees and power lines and nothing compared to this:

Seattle Sound Sunset

But sometimes, it’s too quiet. The area where we live is also a bit too suburban. Instead of hearing the hubbub of tourists and the city noise, I hear kids playing (sometimes squawking or squealing) at the park across the street. Most of the time, it doesn’t bother me. It’s background noise, but it’s not quite the same as city noise. And also, why do children need to sometimes scream like they’re being murdered!? I usually ignore it because every time I’ve checked, the kid is just screaming like that for no apparent reason. One day, I’m not going to check though and that kid is gonna be snatched. This really disrupts my day because I wonder more often than necessary if I should be concerned about the blood-curdling screams of strange children.

Anyhow, it’s a learning experience and a simple but wondrous journey. We’re grasping a better idea of the type of neighborhood and atmosphere we think would suit us best – where we will like to settle down in the near future… ya know, in Maine. ;)