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So yeah… it’s been four years now, right? It’s 2021? We’re all good? We got over our dumb moment? A moment that will live forever in the history books but did not doom us. Because we squashed that shit early in the beginning and didn’t suffer too dire of long-term consequences.



It’s still 2017?


It’s only been three fucking weeks!?

Are you fucking kidding me?


*guttural screaming*



Let’s keep doing this stupid shit then.

If you’re like me, you may be emotionally drained and mentally exhausted already. You want to stay informed. You want to resist. You want to persist. You want to fight for what’s right. You want our goddamn government to listen to what the majority of people want in this country. You want to be heard.

You do not want to ban good people. You do not want to endanger women’s lives. Or children’s lives. You do not want to turn back all the progress we have made in our unrelenting strive for equality, something we have still yet to achieve.

But, you’re tired. You’re so fucking tired. I get it. I am too. I also do not want to wake up every single day for the next four fucking years and be hit with an onslaught of idiocy, repression, and a Trump/Bannon coup.

It would be so easy, sooo fucking easy, to do as I imagine a lot of other folks are doing and just pretend it’s not happening. (*ahem* I’m looking at you Trump voters who may be thinking “oh, shit” and are having some vague feelings of remorse.) After all, if your little bubble is untouched, then why go through the trouble of getting involved?

Well, fuck that. Because sooner or later, what is happening is going to trickle its way down into your personal cocoon and the rest of us will be trying so hard to not say “You should have listened.”, “You should have paid attention to the facts… the real facts.”, “You should have cared more about your country, your fellow Americans, and the rest of the good people of this world.”

So, how do we get through the next four years? Well, here’s what I suggest:

  • Limit Your News Intake ~ Easier said than done, I know. I also want to stay abreast of what’s going on in this twisted reality we now live in. But for the sake of our sanity, I think we should limit our exposure, especially if the media can’t help themselves from yammering on and on about some awful twitter rant or the like. So, take breaks. Give yourself an hour a day to check in with social media or wherever you acquire your news… hopefully, reputable sources. I like Reuters and NPR, but that’s me. Lately, I’ve been checking out of social media almost entirely on the weekends. Again, you do you. Just do yourself a favor and set some restrictions on yourself. You won’t miss anything, I promise. The news will be talking about whatever shit went down for days and days.
  • Learn Something New ~ With your newfound freedom from media overindulgence, take up a hobby! Paint, draw, woodwork, knit, learn a new language, learn how to bake, do yoga, or on the flip side of that, make little Trump voodoo dolls out of playdough and repeatedly stab them with a fork. I don’t know what floats your boat, but figure it out. Do something good for your brain and your spirit. Find some time to be joyous and serene because you’re gonna need it to balance out the rage you’ll feel when you check back in with the news.
  • Rescue A Pet/Volunteer ~ If there is a cause dear to your heart, give. Give your time. Give your money. Give. Give. Give. Get a dog. Dogs make everyone happy. Oh alright, if you’re a cat person, whatever… get a cat, I guess. Just remember, dogs give unconditional love. Cats are just assholes. ;) And if you like people more than animals, go help them. Volunteer at a shelter. Teach kids how to read. Read to the elderly. The point is to do something good for someone else.
  • Get Involved Any Way You Can ~ I know it takes a lot of time out of your life to volunteer, to go to townhall meetings or whatnot, to protest, to become actively engaged. However, with that time you’ll be freeing up from getting off social media/watching TV, you could make 5 Calls. It’s a nifty little site that pinpoints the issues you care about and the appropriate government official to call. Another site I’ve been digging is Countable, which you can install as an app on your phone. You’ll be able to scroll through a shit-ton of bills and a summary of each one, see arguments for and against, and contact your representatives about how you feel about the issues. It’s a bit addictive, so be prepared to replace it with Facebook… you’ll be better off for it.
  • Write/Create ~ Writing is therapeutic for me. Even if no one reads this blog, that’s OK. I sincerely hope that those who do come here get something out of it, but I admit I write for no one but myself. It helps me to sort through my feelings and to succinctly express how I feel about what’s happening in our country as well as other personal shit. And if nothing else, blogging hones my writing skills and amps up my creative juices. Writing gets the endorphins going for me. It’s like a sugar or caffeine rush in my brain when I write. So, I strongly encourage everyone to create in some way. Art is what keeps the world spinning.
  • Scream/Shout Obscenities ~ If all else fails, take a few minutes here and there and just say “what the fuuuuuck…”. It will do you no good to bottle it all up. If you can’t channel that anger and frustration in one of the above ways, at least express it in acceptable company and in the appropriate setting. So, ya know… when you’re at home in your jammies catching up on the news for the day, discussing said news with your spouse, and ravenously devouring your way through another pint of Ben & Jerry’s or emptying your second bottle of bourbon in a week… that will be probably be an okay setting to just let out all the incoherent, unintelligible groaning and swearing.

We can do this, people.

You’re not alone.

Stay strong.

Resist and persist.

xoxo~ Frani