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The husband’s birthday is tomorrow! And boo, he’s gotta work late tonight. :( He never gets excited about his birthday though which is just dumb. When it comes to birthdays, he acts like he’s 80 years old sometimes.. and I act like I’m five.

We have a few plans for tomorrow’s day of celebration, so hopefully, Grandpa can stay awake past 10pm tomorrow and have some fun out on the town.

my little love notes of gratitude…

 That man I call husband. He’s my favorite grumpy old man in the world, and I love exploring and living life with him. ♥♥♥

 Speaking of exploring

 I was in the mood for chocolate and pumpkin last weekend, so I made my own version of these pumpkin cheesecake chocolate cookie cups. I added walnuts to the chocolate cookie batter and used canned pumpkin to make a pumpkin pie for the middle and topped off with whipped cream. Deadly delicious and my waistline can prove it.

 The Seattle skies can really light up the city.

 Grocery delivery is seriously the best thing in the world.

 These two are still the cutest dogs that I’ve seen in Seattle. ;)

 Brainstorming session yesterday and a bit of writing. I believe writing a book will be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I  flushed out the story line more, and it may be incredibly stupid, but whatever… people write dumb books all the time, right? I have such a great attitude.. ;)

 Hot tub! I try not to think of the gross (bathwater stew of bacteria) factor because it really feels so good and soothes my achy muscles from exercise.

 Rainy Cafe – I’ve been using it a lot more, and it really does seem to enhance creativity. I sometimes add a bit of classical music to the mix as well.

Have a great weekend!

xoxo~ Frani