Seattle City Streets In Autumn

I keep going back and forth between loving it here and feeling pretty meh here in Seattle. Is it like this for everyone who moves here, I wonder? On the days I love it, I find tree-lined streets with colorful, fallen leaves and pretty graffiti art. On the days I not so love it, I find myself longing for the more intense autumns and changes in seasons of the east coast. I’m one of those weird folks who believes all city streets should not only be lit up for the holidays but be covered in snow. Otherwise, what’s the point of hot chocolate?? Seriously… tell me!

By the way, my favorite Christmas movie is Elf. That should explain how I feel about snow, Christmas, hot chocolate, cookie dough and yes, fucking Christmas carols! Buddy and I are like Christmas soul mates.

I also kind of don’t understand the appeal of temperate climates no matter if it’s pleasant or not. I’m sort of already bored with it. I need weather that mirrors my ever-changing mood. Or, at least give me a couple weeks of really good seasonal changes per season. I do see there is quite a bit of sun in the ever-changing forecast and possibly some snow already?? I’m seriously excited about that!

My only other issue really is how do other Chihuahuas live here with the rain?? I see so many of them. Do they just not go out unless it’s summertime? My pretty-eyed girl worships the sun. Seriously, the sun is her god. In her mind, the rain is like acid stripping away her flesh and what kind of human drags… literally drags a princess out into the rain for a walk?? She really does better walking in the snow. She’s not a fan of super cold temperatures, but she enjoys trottin’ through the snow over getting all out wet in the rain.

Oy vey. I knew it would be an adjustment and that it may be stressful and difficult at times. I’m just not sure I’ll ever feel like I belong here on the west coast. And yeah, I know. I should give it more than a few months, and obviously, I will try my best to keep an open mind. There are so many beautiful areas this side of the country that I’m longing to explore, but is it home? Like for real, home? Only time will tell. Otherwise, it will just be another chapter in our journey. 

At least, it seems there have been more sunny days here in Seattle than normal this autumn. So, score! Maybe the winter won’t be so gloomy after all? It’ll be interesting to see how I feel in a year. It takes some time to get comfortable after moving across the country, of course. Until then, hang in there with me, and I’ll try to not piss all over the Pacific Northwest with my grumpy attitude. ;)

my little love notes of gratitude…

 Autumn, of course! Never lasts long enough. :(

  PSL – Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!! Say what you will about Starbucks: yeah, their coffee sucks, but they know how to make a good, sugary, flavored coffee drink.

 Pumpkin seeds – I’m not ready for the Autumn season to be over so quickly with every retail establishment pushing Christmas stuff on us already. I need to roast more pumpkin seeds, people!

 Voting by mail – no lines!

 Walking, walking, and more walking.

 The husband taking the Muppet down to the market to buy me this huge bouquet of flowers!

 Beautiful skies!

 The sun and exploring with my camera.

 Yummy caramels! Try these for your next caramel fix. The sea salt is the best I’ve ever had, and the roasted pecan is also quite delicious.

 Weatherproof boots (bought these Merrell Captiva Launch boots back in Ohio and they’re definitely a must-have in Seattle) and a new waterproof jacket. Finally staying dry in the rain!

 Writing and drinking coffee are best served on chilly, rainy days. That means my novel should be finished by the end of winter here in Seattle, right? ;)

Find something to be thankful for, even on your grumpy days.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

xoxo~ Frani