I should be thankful that it’s Friday and that I get to spend with the husband what is forecasted to be a rather lovely weekend, but ughhh.

I’m planning a day trip to the hometown tomorrow to see family whom I’ve been sort of estranged from for about six months. I’m really not looking forward to it, but I figure I should at least make the effort. Why? I don’t know. To appease my guilt (even though unfounded), I guess. To show to myself that I’m not the most terrible person in the world.

Most likely, it will be a waste of my time and a beautiful day. I may even be criticized, judged and made to feel even worse about myself. But… I’ll try to make the most of the solo, mini road trip. I might even get myself a doughnut. ;)

Skydiving Ohio

Even though this is the hand I was dealt with in regards to my family, there is so much I’m thankful for in life.

my three major love notes of gratitude…

♥  Skydiving for the first time! Full post about my experience coming soon, I promise.

♥  Experiencing something awesome and new with the husband and our closest friends.

♥  A husband who is so loving, understanding and supportive.

Hope you all have a great weekend!