Pike Street Hill Climb Short Cut Light Sculpture

I’m currently on the downswing of a bout of bronchitis or some sort of allergy/sinus/phlegm-y cough issue, and I’m hoping I’m done for the year… or two… or three… or more! Bleh. Aside from the excess mucus, I had felt fine except for getting a little winded/tired when walking briskly as you would with any cold and chest congestion.

So now that I’m feeling clearer, I’ve been trying my damndest to keep up with regular exercise, popping a basic multivitamin with a little extra vitamin C daily along with a probiotic with a wider range of strains than my previous one, AND doing a shot of apple cider vinegar a day.

Yes, apple cider vinegar shots. Yummy. People are drinking vinegar. Should you?

You can google all about it. There is supposedly a slew of health benefits from lower cholesterol to easing arthritis to better digestion. Is it some sort of pseudoscience, new age, naturopath mumbo jumbo? Who knows? I can’t say. I’ve done the whole tablespoon a day thing on and off throughout the past eight or nine years. I DO know that every time I’ve gotten a cold or heartburn, it helps. It also makes my complexion clearer.

So this time around, I made a pact with the apple cider vinegar gods that if they expedited the eradication of this excess mucus issue that I would be a consistent devotee for life.

Again, yummy.

(Pssst… it’s not yummy. Not. At. All.)

I eventually kicked the mucus to the curb, but I’m not sure if the ACV expedited the process at all. So, I’m still a little on the fence about it.

Wanna give it a go? Well, you want the good stuff with the “mother” not the cheap-ass Heinz. You can add water, lemon juice, and honey to it and sip it throughout the day. I prefer to just do a shot to get it over with just like when someone hands you a shot of tequila. You want the benefit of getting drunk without tasting it, know what I mean? (Well, when I was 20 years old, that is. Because shots? *groan*) Same thing with apple cider vinegar… you want the health benefits without tasting it. Some people like it. I used to be able to handle it better, but now? Blargh.

If you go the shot route, I recommend having a full stomach especially in your first few days. It’s great at upsetting the bacterial balance (in a good way), but it’ll make you feel like hurling. Also, be sure to chase it with some water. It can burn a little going down which is not too good for the delicate tissues of your esophagus. And there is some debate on whether it’s good for the teeth or not, so I rinse out my mouth afterwards to be on the safe side… plus, it gets the taste out quicker.

Yummy yummy.


So, what am I thankful for?

my little love notes of gratitude…

 Apple cider vinegar… maybe

 Spring and more daylight

 Beautiful sunsets

 Exploring more of the city

  History and architecture… my two favorite things as of late

 Finding a veterinarian we really like for our two pups… took us two tries but we did it! Sweet relief.

 The Bird Dog of the Day Instagram account… the cutest puppies, man.

 And, I’m more and more thankful each day that I do not drive that often. Traffic in Seattle SUCKS.

What’s on your gratitude list?


*Image taken at Pike Street Hill Climb of one of the “Short Cut” sculptures by artist, Dan Webb.