Portland Oregon Japanese Garden_Tall Trees

During our visit to Seattle last month, the husband and I spared a couple days to visit Portland, Oregon. We traveled by Amtrak which was very easy, relaxing and pretty chill… except for on the way back with two ladies behind us yakking the whole way and a crying baby. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It seemed relatively easy to switch cars if need be as well, and I would definitely travel by train again.

The highlight of our trip (if you don’t count some of the best ice cream at Salt & Straw and the fried chicken and biscuits at Pine State Biscuits — so delicious!!!) was visiting the Portland Japanese Garden.

Portland Oregon Japanese Garden

It rained on and off the day we visited and when the sun came out, it really made the garden so beautiful and peaceful. It would have been even more peaceful without some of the *ahem* loud visitors. Turning off or silencing your cell phone and speaking in low volumes is actually highly encouraged while in the garden. So if you plan to visit, please be respectful and quiet so others may enjoy the calm and tranquility.

Portland Oregon Japanese Garden_Flowers

Numerous blooms provided pops of color throughout the garden.

Portland Oregon Japanese Garden_Flower

An extremely serene section of the garden was this little area with the stone steps tucked away in the Natural Garden.

Portland Oregon Japanese Garden_Pathway Of Stairs

I loved how all the tall Evergreen trees surrounded the garden. Aside from the construction that was happening on a nearby street, you could really feel secluded in this place.

Portland Oregon Japanese Garden_Waterfall

The Sand and Stone garden reminded me of Avatar: The Last Airbender for some reason. I felt like there should have been some sparring ;) or meditation happening there.

Portland Oregon Japanese Garden_Sand & Stone Garden

Japanese maple trees are one of my favorite trees… so bright, happy, and majestic.

Portland Oregon Japanese Garden_Japanese Maple Tree

Part of me wanted to meditate or take a vow of silence. The other part of me wanted to sing ‘My Favorite Things’ from The Sound Of Music.

♫ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… ♪

You can thank me later for the awesome tunage stuck in your head now. ;)

Portland Oregon Japanese Garden_Japanese Maple Tree Leaves

We took the bus to the garden from our Airbnb apartment and had to walk a bit from the bus stop we chose to get off at… which was further away than other stops. It wouldn’t have been so bad if Mother Nature hadn’t decided to unleash a downpour of rain. I love rain, but we were drenched by the time we arrived. Of course, I fell in love with the light in this place as the sun came out for a bit and shined down upon us during our visit.

Portland Oregon Japanese Garden_Japanese Maple Tree Light

Portland Oregon Japanese Garden_Light

Absolutely stunning and so, so peaceful. I highly recommend you make this Japanese garden a must-see if you’re visiting Portland. I could have stayed there for hours.

♫ These are a few of my favorite things… ♪

xoxo~ Frani