Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Leaning Tree

Every second Saturday of the month, the Georgetown Steam Plant in Seattle is open to the public for free from 10am to 2pm. It can be a little confusing navigating how to get there, but if you see this crazy leaning tree, you’re really close! The entrance is right near it.

I enthusiastically suggest a visit if you’re into history at all or architecture… or steam… or ya know, power plants… maybe?

You get the idea. I won’t bore you with the historical details. You can obviously find that information elsewhere. Besides, I also don’t know all that much except its prominence in powering the streetcars in Seattle.

After stepping foot into the place, I was immediately distracted by how large the plant is and could definitely see the appeal of photographers and filmmakers renting the space for their creative endeavors. I mean… really!

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Windows

So yeah, I’ll admit I barely listened to our tour guide. I think maybe five people were actually listening while many others were actively wandering away to take photos. I at least waited until the end of the dude’s talk before I just walked away from the group to snap a few frames. But, of course, I’m a slightly more respectful person.

Why yes, I do think I am better than pretty much everyone. Thank you for asking. ;)

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Ladder

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Start & Stop

Georgetown Steam Plant_Seattle Vacuum Pump

Aside from groups showing up for the free guided tour at 11pm and 1pm, there were photographers aplenty with their tripods and large formats. So be forewarned, it may be a little busy.

Photographer at Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Valve

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Bristol Recorder

As you can see, the light was pretty much perfect that afternoon.

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Vertical Turbine

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Temperature

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Valves & Gizmos

The husband and I visited on Valentine’s Day, and yes, my witty husband had a punny already in his back pocket for his FB check-in about how we were having a “steamy” Valentine’s Day. Annnd… now you know why I keep him around.

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Vacuum Pump

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Phone

After the guided tour was over, we moseyed around for a few moments snapping a few photos and looking at all the gadgets and gizmos. We then decided to walk into downtown Georgetown for a brewery visit. We came across The Hangar Cafe, which is super cute, cozy, and tucked away from the street. It’s about a half mile from the steam plant.

The Hangar Cafe_Georgetown Seattle

Obviously, it’s pretty inviting. So we stopped in for brunch, and it is as yummy as it is cute. I had the Hangar Crepe… delicious and highly recommended from yours truly. The side of potatoes were so so good.

After brunch, we wandered through downtown Georgetown, sampled a few beers, and had a lovely Saturday afternoon.