Springtime at Snoqualmie Falls

Stagnation. Despair. Hope.

Those are the three words that essentially describe how I had been feeling. And yes, that’s a contradictory mess that made up my headspace. It was very much a yo-yo spectrum of emotions cycling through me. The causes were wide and varied, and I will not go into much detail about that. But, I just thought I would share what has been helping and not helping me get through that little life slump of feeling hopeless and lost.

Not Helping…

  • Moping. Being mopey does not help, folks. (As if you needed me to tell you that, right?) Wallowing for a bit, feeling the feelings, and exploring them… that, I highly encourage doing. At least for me, it helps to clarify what’s going on, why I’m feeling what I’m feeling, realize generally what I need to do, etc., etc. Do that for a day and maybe even two. Or give yourself a short deadline. Once you reach that deadline, you’re done moping. Let it go.
  • Doing nothing. Once in a while, it’s OK to sit in your pajamas, eat chocolate, and watch movies all day. Shit, sometimes I think it’s necessary and seems best done during the moping phase. However, this is not a great ‘do all day every day’ type of activity to jumpstart your life’s ambitions. Unless your ambition in life is to be world chocolate eating champion. That’s cool. No judgment here. You do you.
  • Blaming others. Sometimes, it’s so easy to either thank or blame your lot in life on someone else. Others can influence you and have an effect on your life, sure, especially when you’re young. But newsflash, you are responsible for your own life. You had choices. You still have choices. You made the decisions that put you where are you right now. And here’s the awesome thing… you can make new decisions. Life is grand like that.


  • Exercise. Ever since we moved, I had not been exercising regularly. The past couple weeks, I have finally gotten back into it. I highly recommend pilates and/or yoga. It’s meditative for the mind and body. You don’t need any equipment unless you want a yoga mat, and those are inexpensive. You don’t need to pay for a class although those are incredibly helpful if you want to ensure proper form. A quick start would be checking out the Daily Yoga app available on Android and iOS.
  • A spa day. I don’t necessarily mean getting a massage or a mani/pedi, but you could! What I am essentially suggesting is doing whatever is good for you mentally. It could be a day at the beach, a weekend retreat to a cabin, a trip to the library, or yes, an actual spa. Whatever soothes and calms your mind… do it.
  • Start small. Once you feel like you’re in a good and stable state of mind (or ya know, “normal” you), then begin tackling whatever it is you strive to achieve or whatever it is that had you overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. Start small though. Don’t go all in. Set a few minutes aside each day and increase incrementally thereafter.

*For example, I want to write this damn book that’s in my head. I have thought about rising early in the morning before I even walk the dogs to do some writing, but so far, that hasn’t happened for a multitude of reasons. Such as.. I like sleep. It’s dark. It’s cold outside the covers. It’s warm inside the covers. I don’t wanna. I like sleep. Did I mention I like sleep? However, I think I will be more effective in making this a habit if I start small and get up say, 10 minutes early in the beginning and just write what comes into my head, thoughts, ideas, etc. and then increase that time until I’m up at the desired hour and hopefully writing that damn book.

What do you think? Is it about time to do this whole life thing? I say go for it. What the hell? ;) Good luck!

xoxo~ Frani


*Image snapped at Snoqualmie Falls