You can find me scurrying around social media from time to time if you would like to connect with me in my awkward moments. I try to engage with other fellow humans so as to not be a weird hermit, and my choice of platform changes just as often as my mood.

After an incredibly unhealthy on-again/off-again relationship with Facebook since 2007, I permanently called it quits at the beginning of 2018. I think the oversharing as well as the soul-sucking stupidity that had been running rampant on the platform since the 2016 election assisted in my ability to make a clean break once and for all.

Although I view it as another potentially lethal timesuck, I pop into Twitter from time to time. I find it difficult to talk about myself as a writer, yet I do love witnessing how supportive the writing community is in the Twitterverse.

So, this is an extremely long-winded way of saying I usually prefer Instagram. Yes, I know it’s owned by Facebook and essentially it IS Facebook, but it’s less annoying to me currently. And, photography is and will always be one of my true loves.

As for the real world, whenever I intend to participate in a writing event or attend a conference, I’ll post it here.

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