*If you missed ’em, check out Part 1 ~ Magnificent Maine & Part 2 ~ ♪ O Canada ♫.

Paul Revere Statue Boston (2)

After Canada, we had a day at sea before our last stop in the beautiful and proud city of Boston. A measly eight hours in this city is not nearly enough, and I long to visit again someday soon. It’s a gorgeous city with such a rich history that I have an insatiable need to thoroughly explore. *sigh* I’ll admit it, I’m in love with Boston.

President Kennedy Statue Boston

Boston was actually our first choice when the husband and I were deciding on a new city to call home. Unfortunately at this time, the slight jump in salary doesn’t quite line up with the cost of living increase in Boston. So, we went with our second (or maybe third.. we considered Portland, Maine for a while!) choice of Seattle. But honestly, the East coast is the ultimate destination for us. We both love the New England autumns and the history and mystique of the area. After a few years exploring the west coast of the United States, I see us hitting the road again for another cross country move!

Paul Revere Statue Boston (1)

There are a lot of statues in the city from Paul Revere to President Kennedy.

Boston Ghosts & Gravestones

The only other tour we actually did while on the cruise was the Boston Ghosts & Gravestones. It was very informative and a lot of fun even if we did spend our honeymoon gallivanting from cemetery to cemetery. Some couples want the relaxation of a luxurious beach resort, and we’re like, “Nah, let’s walk around a bunch of old cities, talk about dead people, and walk across their graves.” ;)

Boston Ghosts & Gravestones Guide

Our guide was a hoot… told ya that old person mentality is contagious, didn’t I? (And based on looks, he may possibly be related to the Afflecks??)

Boston Skyscrapers

We had lunch here and then roamed around the city on our own partially along the Freedom Trail.

Just look at all those old buildings!!! The architecture of really old cities in the United States is absolutely stunning. Gah, it kills me!

Beacon Hill Boston

We wandered through a few neighborhoods like North End and Beacon Hill as well as Boston Common park which is the starting point of the Freedom Trail. Beacon Hill is one of my favorite neighborhoods with its charming architecture, brick sidewalks, and gaslights. I love me some gaslights! We didn’t get to venture to every neighborhood in the Boston area, but there is a lot of diversity and cultural differences. They seem to have very, very distinctive vibes which I love.

Boston Streetlamps

Atlantic Ocean Storm

Our last day was spent at sea on our way back to Baltimore. And holy shit, it was a super bumpy ride! So. Much. Swaying. Back and forth. Back and forth. There was a lot of stumbling around (more so for those old people), almost falling over in the shower, and of course, nausea. It was awesome to see a storm out on the water, but at least half the ship was seasick including yours truly.

The crew had vomit bags hanging from every banister throughout the ship. Most passengers were vying for seats in the lounge areas located in the middle of the boat which are more stable areas of a ship. It was kind of neat to see everyone gathering together just chatting and getting through the stormy ride together even though it was not the most fun experience. But after lots of water, sprite, and the Dramamine kicked in for me, the nausea subsided.

So, my #1 tip for a New England/Canada cruise? Be prepared for old people! Oh, and nausea. And, sometimes the combination of the two… ha. ;)

Thanks for joining me on my stroll down memory lane! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.