Four years ago, the husband and I hopped on a plane in Cleveland Ohio, landed in Baltimore Maryland, changed clothes in the airport restroom, hailed a taxi, and then got married in Federal Hill Park overlooking the city… all by noon.

Best. Day. Ever.

Filled with pure adrenaline, nerves, and most likely caffeine and sugar.

I have never regretted eloping. Never.

Going to weddings now just reinforces how awesome our decision was for us to essentially “run away and get married”.

Baltimore Wedding Shoes

After our ceremony and a quick jaunt around Baltimore with our photographer, the hubs and I then hopped onto a big ol’ boat with a bunch of old people. Because we’re crazy like that.

In other words, we took a Canada/New England cruise.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

This is a cruise that if it had a brochure, it would show you old people at the slots, old people following a young dance instructor in a session of line dancing on the top deck, and old people just meandering around looking lost and/or wondering why they’re on a boat in the first place. Oh and no one out after 10pm! There would be no scantily clad young ladies, extravagant umbrella drinks, or insane dance parties portrayed in a brochure for a Canada/New England cruise. No way. You need the Bahamas cruise for that, folks.

Seriously, people. Nearly everyone on this damn boat seemed to be over the age of 65. We saw maybe four young whippersnappers such as ourselves on the entire cruise and never more than once or twice. We were like ninjas. We scurried along the hallways quickly turning corners and dashing into elevators. We feverishly ate our dinner before gracefully yet quickly exiting the dining room to avoid more awkward conversations with old people. We drank in the shadows of near-empty bars. If we ever made eye contact with each other, we silently empathized with the other noting the same dazed and hollow look in the eyes… the skittishness of a wild dog not wanting to get trapped into another conversation with these people…

Old People on a New England Canada Cruise


But for two nerds who love to learn and explore history and who just got married in their favorite season of Autumn, a cruise up the coast of New England and Canada was the perfect honeymoon… just the right balance of relaxation, exploration, and romance.

If you’re anything like us (or old), I highly recommend it. Just watch out for that old lady shambling about who will inevitably cross into your path and then… oh yeah, she’ll just stop. Right there in front of you. Seemingly OK but not moving. Did she fall asleep?Is she just tired from those four steps she took? Is her body being snatched by aliens? For what purpose!? No one knows.

So yeah, old people. HUGE part of this cruise. Just letting you know that up front.

We did a nine day cruise, and it was about one day too long. Really. We didn’t want to go home, but we didn’t want to be on the ship anymore. But, holy shit! It’s so beautiful. I love being out on the water. I love smelling the water. I’m a water spirit… through and through. There is so much culture and history. *swoon* The New England area of the U.S. is by far my favorite.

Our first stop was in Portland, Maine.

Portland Maine Port

Maine. Beautiful, beautiful Maine. We did a bus tour through Cape Elizabeth where we visited the Portland Head Light. This is one of the few tours we did, and I much preferred exploring on our own when we did that at the other ports. If I could go back, I would have walked around Portland more and explored Old Port.

Portland Head Light

Granted, our camera was on auto or program the entire time because back then, so these images are a bit over-saturated as is. We had no idea on how to properly use its myriad of functions. However, the water is really blue and all the colors just pop even on the cloudiest of days.

Portland Head Light Boats

We also stopped in Kennebunk, Maine and had lunch at Federal Jack’s Restaurant & Brew Pub.

Shipyard Shops In Kennebunkport Maine

Maine is just so gorgeous in the Autumn. So SO gorgeous.

Kennebunkport Maine

The next day, we stopped at Bar Harbor, Maine which seems to be more of a touristy destination of shopping surrounded by Acadia National Park. Old people love shopping.

Bar Harbor Maine

It was so long ago that I don’t remember what the food was like at the various places we visited. I’m much more of a snob now, so I assume it was mostly average to good. All I remember is that Shipyard Brewing Company’s Pumpkinhead tasted sooo good (bottles of it don’t do it justice) at Dog & Pony Tavern.

Dog & Pony Tavern

Be on the lookout for blueberries. Maine puts ’em in everything as wild blueberry is the official fruit of the state.

Because it’s been so long and all that and things change, I can’t offer up suggestions on what to see, do, or eat. All I can say is GO. Visit the area at least once in your lifetime. It’s too stunning not to, especially in Autumn.

I’m mostly just reminiscing and sharing my favorite photos we managed to capture during the trip.

Thanks for tagging along. Onward to Part 2 ~ ♪ O Canada ♫!

xoxo~ Frani


*Wedding photo by Luke Eshleman Photography