I hope y’all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! The husband and I had a quiet and relaxing holiday weekend that consisted of eating so much food, watching the Seattle Macy’s Day parade in the rain, listening to the chants of protesters across the city, and catching a showing of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. (I really hate these two part-er movies!) I roasted a turkey and made way too much food that my husband and I had little difficulty in finishing off all by ourselves by the end of the weekend. Ooops. I love the holiday season, but I always look forward to them being over so I can again lose that five pounds or so I had lost before the holidays awakened the fat kid in me.

Instead of my usual gratitude posts where I spew how I’m thankful for cupcakes, puppies, my husband, and rainbows, I thought today I would just share some of my favorite images I’ve managed to capture since the husband and I arrived in Seattle… almost four months now! Whoa… time is flying!

Gorgeous sunsets over the Olympic Mountains and sailboats on the Puget Sound have been quite plentiful since we arrived up until recently. This is the view from our abode…

Seattle Waterfront Sunset Over The Olympics

Aren’t we lucky and spoiled!? Don’t worry… the yelling and sirens from the street below keep us grounded. ;)

Ballard Locks Drawbridge

The Ballard Locks is a cool place to visit to watch the boats pass through the locks as they adjust the water levels.

Ballard Locks Sun & Clouds

The fountain at the Seattle Center

Seattle Center

The best view in the city can obviously be found at the Sky View Observatory at Columbia Center…

View From Skyview Observatory Space Needle

The moon and Mount Rainier…

View From Skyview Observatory Mount Rainier

The Seattle Great Wheel that I have yet to ride…

View From Skyview Observatory Great Ferris Wheel

Obviously, there are windows. You can’t be up on the 73rd floor of this building and not have it enclosed. The trick is to place your camera lens as close as you can to the window to minimize reflections. I kind of like this one though…

View From Skyview Observatory Nighttime Reflection

Just look at these gorgeous sunsets…

View From Skyview Observatory Space Needle At Night

I’m definitely a water spirit, and the Seattle waterfront is probably my favorite area of the city.

Seattle Seagull & Great Ferris Wheel

I slowly crept up to this seagull to get as close as possible for a picture before it flew away. And to be honest, I had to sharpen the head a bit in Photoshop. Those webbed feet as it’s about to take flight is my favorite part of the image. 

Seattle Seagull Taking Flight

I was pleasantly surprised and oh so very happy to see some Autumn colors around the city. We’re hoping to explore more outside the city next year for some Autumn foliage viewing.

Autumn Seattle Skyline From Pier 62-63

The Gum Wall

Post Alley Gum Wall

It’s not the first gum-filled tourist attraction, and I doubt it will be the last. Is it art? Who’s to say? Anything can be art. It’s interesting, I’ll give you that. I’m a bit conflicted about how I feel about it really. I honestly find it a bit disgusting, and I try not to get too close to the walls when I walk down the alley. But, I’m also all for the freedom of artistic expression. I guess I wish it wasn’t in a historical part of the city that I find to be so gorgeous. There is just not enough these beautiful old brick buildings and alleyways in Seattle. 

What do y’all have planned for the weekend? We’re planning to catch up on some holiday movie watching and sampling some yummy winter beers at the Winter Beer Fest. Ever since living across from a Whole Foods in Columbus, Ohio that did weekly beer & food pairings, I’ve been quickly losing my taste for beer. I’ve just had it toooo much, and it’s all beginning to taste the same to me… which is probably good considering I want to lose a few pounds. I’d much rather have a whiskey cocktail or a hot toddy these days. However, it’s my favorite time of year for beer! Waistline be damned.

Have a happy weekend, folks!