Spa Day

All I can think of today is this line from 40 Year Old Virgin… “God, I hope I get my period soon. I’m in a bad mood.” 

Ladies, amirite?

Whether or not my hormones are the cause of my shitty mood, who’s to say? But, every little thing is pissing me off today.

I’ve exercised. I drank some tea. I put on some music. I ate some Nutella. (That’s supposed to help, right!?)

And… blargh.

Maybe a bubble bath will be in order for this evening?

Or a few shots of whiskey?

Or both.

I can feel the knots in my shoulders.

The sad thing is that I foresee the next couple months being stressful as hell, so this is not a good sign that I’m already not handling it well.

I’m like a sponge. I absorb energy. Yeah, I’m so like Superman. To be more like Superman, of course, I need to absorb only the yellow sun and bounce off the negative and stressful vibes that surround me like bullets. That’s difficult. My mental prowess can usually hold my own shit, but it may collapse from the weight and pressure that others are projecting my way.

The kicker is that what may make me snap will be the tiniest of things… like dropping my spoonful of Nutella.

All I can do at the moment that seems to somewhat temporarily help is visualization. I visualize a giant balloon containing all my troubles and issues that are wreaking havoc on my mind and blowing it as far away from me as possible. I pop it with a giant needle so the problems scatter over an empty field.

Then I hope a massive wind doesn’t pick up in my direction and blow them right back into my face.

And this is my brain on stress.

Happy Monday! ;)

Let’s all go to our happy places and have a drink. And stop worrying so much. 

xo~ wanderwhirlgirl

p.s. Check out Sandra Bullock’s super inspiring surprise commencement speech!