Goody Glover's

In less than six weeks, the husband and I will be adventuring into uncharted territories… the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Portland, Amtrak, Airbnb… all new to us. We’re both very excited and love exploring the world around us and trying new things.

A big part of exploration for us involves food. How could it not? We’re two little fat kids at heart.

While we’re not fans of most chain restaurants, we do love to try locally owned restaurants and the like. For one thing, the food is almost always, always better. Secondly, we love learning the history of local establishments and supporting small businesses.

If you’re a fan of rich culture and old American history, then Boston is the place to visit as it is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The little history nerd in me delights in this kind of stuff. Take the Irish restaurant and pub in the image above, for instance. Goody Glover’s is located on Salem street in the North End district of Boston and was named as such to commemorate the last woman to be hanged as a witch in Boston in 1688.

The husband and I stumbled across this Irish pub as we wandered around Boston in October 2010 on our honeymoon. At the time, I remember the food being good. However, I’m way more of a food snob now, so I cannot attest to its current quality. What I can vouch for is the stunning view of the city’s skyline from the second floor. And I just love old brick buildings like this one… the architecture and design with the stained glass skylight, the woodwork, and a tower of windows.

To say the least, I’m looking forward to exploring more history (and food!) of our great American cities.

What’s your favorite part of traveling?

x0~ wanderwhirlgirl