Boston Public Garden Snow Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection

I’m seriously missing snow right now. I know. I’m one of those weird people who loves snow. And yes, I do mean I LOVE it. It doesn’t feel like the holidays without it. And yeah, I know I can drive an hour or so outside the city to see some snow here in the PNW, buuuut I don’t wanna have to drive to do that. And to me, there’s a different type of feeling between snow in the city and snow out in the mountains. And right now, I want that city snow.

I want to look out the window and see huge snowflakes coming down around all the buildings as I snuggle under a cozy, warm blanket and sip my hot chocolate or hot apple cider. Snow can make the most gray and dismal of days and places look so much prettier.

I want to take my pups out and have the our goofy muppet go jumping into mounds of snow like a puppy on crack or see how far the our little doodle can walk on top of the hard, well-packed snow before her little feet fall through and she tries and tries again.

I want to see empty city streets where there is too much snow for cars to traverse. I actually miss hearing snow plows.

I want to get cabin fever and bundle up in a warm coat, a pretty scarf, a toboggan, and boots and go walking in the snow in search of a place open for ice cream. Because wintertime is the best time for ice cream cravings. And snow-covered nights are always the best nights for walks… so calm, so serene, and maybe even a little eerie with nothing but the snowfall and the streetlights.

I want to see kids out making snowmen, snow angels, and having snowball fights in the neighborhood streets… ya know, they’re like… playing outside! And I want to join in like how my stepfather always did.

As a child who didn’t grow up in the most content or emotionally stable of homes, my best and happiest moments involve wintertime around the holidays. Even those weren’t the best, but it’s what my mind usually latches onto when I think of happy childhood memories… sledding on anything from a flexible flyer to a trash bag, hot chocolate with marshmallow cream, searching for the perfect real Christmas tree, snow days, winter break, bundling up in many layers, winter campfires, Christmas lights, making snow angels, classic Christmas movies, Christmas songs, perfecting the most lethal and compact snowball, and doing doughnuts in the car in an empty parking lot!

When I used to want children, I would think of the big, chaotic yet happy family holidays I never really had (and how I kind of wanted that) and hoped I would instill this awesome love of the season in my children… that’s it not about the presents. It’s about being joyful, content, and full of hope. It’s always really been more about the feeling of the Christmas season that I love. There is no other feeling like it. And even though I’ve become a jaded adult (I’ve gone from being Clark Griswold to his grumpy neighbors, Todd and Margo), a part of me still glimmers with the hope that can only be found in a winter wonderland.

xo~ wanderwhirlgirl

*Image of the Public Garden Snow Scene Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection