Alright, Seattle. You must have heard me whining last time about missing proper seasons and the smell of autumn. Because this winter, you’ve been bringin’ it with some legit snowfall. Well done, you!

I think the whole greater Seattle area has declared it a snow day today even though I only see a couple inches of actual accumulation here in the city. But ya know, the residents aren’t used to driving in snow, and we got some serious hills here too. So yeah… it’s best if no one drives in the snow here.

The park we live across from has been flooded with parents, kids, and dogs all morning. All of them playing in the snow and wearing down what snow has stuck with each run of the sled and each flop to the ground (by child and dog alike) to execute that perfect snow angel.

The husband’s coworkers are snapping snow day pics and sharing them with one another while cheering about breaking out the “snow sled”. Snow sled? Yeah, I am not too familiar with other kinds of sleds Seattleites use, but shhh… just go with it.

Because if I have learned anything living in Seattle is that snow brings out the city’s innocence. For those of us more acquainted with the beauty and joy of an actual winter wonderland, we may just step back and let you have this Seattle snow day. We will observe and smile, all the while thinking “Oh Seattle, you’re so cute.”

Happy Snow Day, Seattleites! You deserve it. ❄️️

xo~ wanderwhirlgirl


*Image snapped on a snowy day in Seattle’s Fremont