Space Needle In Winter Black & White

After the endless sunny days of summer were over in Seattle, I noticed I was getting pretty effin’ cranky at the drop of a hat and feeling quite depressed, especially around that lovely lady time of the month. I wasn’t quite sure why… if it was just hormones or stress or just not feeling the “I love it here” vibe in Seattle.

Even with exercise and everything, I suffered for a few months like this when I realized it may be a vitamin deficiency. The husband and I don’t always eat the healthiest… there are too many new restaurants to try and so much beer to guzzle down in this city. I also haven’t regularly taken a multivitamin in several years because they upset my stomach.

It then dawned on me that it may not be so much a shitty diet but even more so a lack of sunshine. In other words, Vitamin D. It really does make the body feel good.

Even in Ohio, I feel like I probably suffered a deficiency during the winters because even though Ohio gets more sunny days in winter, I wasn’t out in it as much because of the bitter cold.

However from this past late autumn to early winter, I was super irritable like I’ve never felt before and cranky with a capital C. Although there have been more sunny days than I thought we would have here in Seattle this time of year, they are still few and far between, especially when it comes to completely sunny days. Most of the time when the sun does come out, it’s just peeking out for a couple hours as opposed to being out from sun up to sun down.

And folks, that’s just not enough sun to do anyone justice. It’s no wonder practically everyone in this city is pasty white with a dull complexion. And, it’s no wonder I was happiest when we first moved here in the summer… taking strolls with the pups along the waterfront every morning soaking up the sun.

So, I did what any adult would do. I got some gummy multivitamins and some extra Vitamin D a little over a month ago. I basically get to eat a couple pieces of candy everyday! ;) They also don’t upset my stomach.

We’ve been eating healthier since the new year began as well, and I have lessened my drinking (especially of beer) considerably. So hopefully, I’m not depleting my body of its store of nutrients every weekend by drinking too much booze and/or eating loads of unhealthy food.

Is it helping? I think so. It can take a while to notice a difference. At least during my most recent monthly visit from Aunt Flo, the crankiness didn’t seem as intense or last as long. My deep and fierce hatred of this city also didn’t flare up as much at that time.

Yeah, I’ll admit it… I’m not Seattle’s biggest fan. I don’t really hate it, but I know it’s not the city for me. And man, experiencing extreme PMS and mood swings combined with gray, gloomy days… aaaaagh! It made me want to murder kittens.

Kidding, btw. Kittens are cute, little monsters. Cats, on the other hand…

So anyway, yeah…

Even though Seattle can look really cool sometimes during the winter and the combination of clouds and partial sun makes this area so gorgeous, I really, really miss those sunny summer days already.

I’ll keep popping my yummy Vitamin D until then.

Have a great weekend, folks!

xo~ wanderwhirlgirl