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A Different Kind Of Friday ~ Seattle Snapshots

I hope y’all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! The husband and I had a quiet and relaxing holiday weekend that consisted of eating so much food, watching the Seattle Macy’s Day parade in the rain, listening to the chants of protesters across the city, and catching a showing of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. (I really hate these two part-er movies!) I roasted a turkey and made way too much food that my husband and I had little difficulty in finishing off all by ourselves by the end of the weekend. Ooops. I love the holiday season, but I always look forward to them being over so I can again lose that five pounds or so I had lost before the holidays awakened the fat kid in me.

Instead of my usual gratitude posts where I spew how I’m thankful for cupcakes, puppies, my husband, and rainbows, I thought today I would just share some of my favorite images I’ve managed to capture since the husband and I arrived in Seattle… almost four months now! Whoa… time is flying!

Gorgeous sunsets over the Olympic Mountains and sailboats on the Puget Sound have been quite plentiful since we arrived up until recently. This is the view from our abode…

Seattle Waterfront Sunset Over The Olympics

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