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5 Reasons For Americans To Travel Their Own Country


While some people envy those hopping around Europe, touring Asia, or soaking up the sun on the exotice beaches of Bali, I sort of envy the complete opposite vibe of all that. Granted, I want to visit more outside the United States in the future, and a luxurious Mediterranean cruise sounds lovely once in a while. However, those destinations are not that pressing because even though I’ve traveled to a good portion of the United States, there is still so much to this big ol’ country I have yet to explore. And really, I have always thought it silly to visit all the other countries (unless an inexpensive or rare opportunity presents itself) before first getting to know your own country.

The hubs and I have a few surrounding areas we want to visit while living in the Pacific Northwest, and we are slowly knocking those off our list. And lately, my dream vacation has just been a good old fashioned road trip. Specifically, there’s something to be said for a classic American cross country road trip. Even though we basically did that on our move out to Seattle from Columbus, Ohio, I am excited to do a different route on our move to the New England area in the near future.

So, what are the advantages for us Americans to travel around our own backyard?
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Exploring & Moving Across The Country With Dogs

Backseat Drivin' Poodle

It has been almost three months since our little family traveled from Ohio to Washington. Time has flown by since we first drove into Seattle and immersed ourselves into downtown city life. It’s been a crazy ride… sometimes insanely stressful. But, the move actually went so well for us, and my little nomad pups can now add cross country move to their list of achievements! :)

As much as we wanted to visit so many areas of the country on our drive out, our top priority was making sure our most precious cargo was as comfortable and happy as possible. We acquired some anti-nausea medication from our awesome veterinarian (miss her so much!) which I think helped tremendously. The medication was a slight sedative and made them so much calmer. The Doodle usually hates riding in the car and almost always gets carsick, especially in the backseat. The Muppet practically hyperventilates from either excitement, anxiety, or a combination of both and has occasionally gotten sick in the car. During the 40 hour drive, we only had one incident of carsickness. I consider that a success! Continue reading

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Wanderlust I Must ~ Coastal City Living

Portland Maine

The husband and I visited Portland, Maine on our honeymoon cruise in 2010, and it was so beautiful. We both love the ocean and long to live damn near on it or at least much closer to it.

We are planning to visit another Portland in the next couple months… Portland, Oregon! Seattle is also on the agenda. We can’t wait! Not only have neither of us ever been to the west coast, but we’re also thinking of a major move within the year. Seattle (and possibly Portland) is on our list of new cities to call home.

We’re currently residing in Ohio, so we’re obviously going to fly for our vacation. However, when we make the big move, we’ll be road trippin’ it. I’m super excited about a major road trip across country… and a bit nervous & slightly stressed.. we’ll have our two dogs! Our muppet whines with excitement in the car, and the doodle… well, she just plain hates it. We’ll definitely need to do some short practice trips and get advice from our lovely veterinarian.

I recently found and bookmarked the site, Go Pet Friendly. It looks like it will be incredibly useful on finding pet friendly hotels, restaurants, activities and such. If anyone has trips on traveling with pets, I’d definitely love to hear ’em!

What place are you daydreaming about today?

xo~ Frani


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