Pacific Northwest

5 Reasons For Americans To Travel Their Own Country


While some people envy those hopping around Europe, touring Asia, or soaking up the sun on the exotice beaches of Bali, I sort of envy the complete opposite vibe of all that. Granted, I want to visit more outside the United States in the future, and a luxurious Mediterranean cruise sounds lovely once in a while. However, those destinations are not that pressing because even though I’ve traveled to a good portion of the United States, there is still so much to this big ol’ country I have yet to explore. And really, I have always thought it silly to visit all the other countries (unless an inexpensive or rare opportunity presents itself) before first getting to know your own country.

The hubs and I have a few surrounding areas we want to visit while living in the Pacific Northwest, and we are slowly knocking those off our list. And lately, my dream vacation has just been a good old fashioned road trip. Specifically, there’s something to be said for a classic American cross country road trip. Even though we basically did that on our move out to Seattle from Columbus, Ohio, I am excited to do a different route on our move to the New England area in the near future.

So, what are the advantages for us Americans to travel around our own backyard?
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The Signs of Spring I’m Missing This Year

Raining Cats & Dogs

Spring has never been one of my favorite seasons. That must sound weird because most people love spring, right? Well, it’s always been autumn, winter and then a toss up between spring and summer in my order of season preferences.

However, this spring I’m noticing a lack of certain sights, sounds, and smells. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, we’re still adjusting to life in the Pacific Northwest. There’s no doubt this is a beautiful area of the country. However, as spring rolls around (a lot earlier here than in Ohio!), I’m noticing that there are some spring elements of our past lives that I’m missing such as…

 Thunderstorms & lightning ~ Oh, how I miss a good thunderstorm. Miss. It.

 Seeing the moon in the night sky on a consistent basis  ~ I’m awestruck when I do see it. (And yeah, this is just not a spring thing.)

 The sound of lawn mowers ~ There’s very, very little grass in downtown Seattle! In a lot of areas of Seattle, it seems like most people don’t have normal yards. I assume it’s just too time consuming or something to maintain grass and a healthy yard in this climate?

 The smell of fresh cut grass and that dewy morning air ~ That’s how you know spring is here, y’all.

 Birds a-chirpin’ ~ Maybe it’s only the pigeons who venture downtown. We’re also in a high rise, so obviously, not many hangouts around us for a bird. I do love the seagulls though.

 The smell of rain ~ It’s weird, but the rain does not smell the same here in Seattle as it did in Ohio. Could also just be downtown messing with me on this one too. Most of the time, it smells of piss, marijuana, body odor or the combination of all three. Ah, downtown Seattle.

 The sound of a torrential downpour ~ It can rain pretty good here in Seattle, but it does just mostly drizzle or mist. I want to hear the rain, ya know?

 Rain attire that is not from Columbia or The North Face ~ It’s refreshing to see someone be bold and go against the grain with their rainwear. How to spot those folks? Easy. They don’t look like everyone else. ;)

Hopefully, we’ll remedy a couple of these things by moving out of downtown in a few months.

Happy spring beginnings!

xo~ Frani

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Wanderlust I Must ~ Born To Fly

Airplane Wing

In about 36 hours, the husband and I will hopping on a plane out to the Pacific Northwest. We’re both very excited and a bit anxious.. for various reasons. However, I know we will have so much fun in exploring two new cities… Seattle & Portland!

I think I’m almost looking forward to flying out there as much as the trip itself. Even though I get a bit more nervous about the takeoff and landing than in the past, I still love traveling by airplane as much as I did when I was a kid.

(And I think I’ve yakked on enough about jumping from a perfectly good airplane, right?) ;)

It’s just I’ve always found airports a bit fascinating… the hubbub, the buzz of excitement in the air, friends and family reuniting with loved ones as they step off the plane… before 9/11, of course. Back in the day, it was heartwarming to watch as people embraced each other (think of the last scene of Love Actually) at the gate.

I also used to love going to the airport’s observation areas and just watch planes take off and land. I guess being a small-town girl meant the simplest things could entertain me. But even now, I look up at the sky when I hear a plane and I wonder who is on it, where they’re going, and how they’re feeling.

The common, little things in life that we sometimes take for granted are so much more beautiful and awe-inspring when you stop once in a while and experience the moment. 

xo~ Frani


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