Fragments Of Love Friday ~ If You Want To Be, Then Be.

Georgetown Seattle WA

Holy crap. It’s almost June! How the fuck did that happen!? This year is flying by so fast… so, so fast. In a couple months, it will be my 40th birthday. In about three months, we’ll probably be moving to another area of the city. And then, it will be my favorite time of year… Autumn!

But for now, we need to slow it down. Savor the moment. Cherish the little things in life.

my little love notes of gratitude…

 Spending time with the husband after our separate family visits out of state. He really is my most favorite person in the whole damn wide world and probably the only person who does not annoy me.

 Lasting about three weeks before breaking ‘No Sugar May’. Hey, it’s better than I thought I would do, and it was worth it. A Maple Old Fashioned ice cream creation at Cupcake Royale!? Uh.. yes, please! (P.S. I love their cupcake sundaes!)

 Getting back into my exercise regimen.

 Checking in with my goals and trying a different tactic. Life should be about evolving and adapting.

  Renewing my love of photography. I’m looking forward to shooting more and honing my skills.

 Meeting new people… for better or for worse… ha. At least we’re trying to be social.

 If you want to be a cat, be a cat.

 Competing with no one but myself. Never ever.

Have a great weekend, folks!

xo~ Frani

*Image snapped in one of my favorite neighborhoods in the Seattle area… Georgetown! I think I like it so much because it doesn’t really feel like Seattle. :p

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Exploring The Georgetown Steam Plant In Seattle

Georgetown Steam Plant Seattle Leaning Tree

Every second Saturday of the month, the Georgetown Steam Plant in Seattle is open to the public for free from 10am to 2pm. It can be a little confusing navigating how to get there, but if you see this crazy leaning tree, you’re really close! The entrance is right near it.

I enthusiastically suggest a visit if you’re into history at all or architecture… or steam… or ya know, power plants… maybe?

You get the idea. I won’t bore you with the historical details. You can obviously find that information elsewhere. Besides, I also don’t know all that much except its prominence in powering the streetcars in Seattle.

After stepping foot into the place, I was immediately distracted by how large the plant is and could definitely see the appeal of photographers and filmmakers renting the space for their creative endeavors. I mean… really! Continue reading

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