Fremont Seattle

Celebrating Summer By Cycling Nude… Why Not?

Fremont Solstice

Sometimes, the city of Seattle makes me truly like her…

If I could only pick one nice thing to say about this city, it’s that the freedom of expression here is insurmountable… which is a good thing. Especially at a time when it seems like our country is going backwards in its views and actions… that we haven’t really evolved as much as we previously thought.

Granted, Seattle has its problems as do so many other cities in the United States. But, with so much hate that runs rampant throughout our great country, it’s refreshing to see Seattleites bare it all, so to speak, and join together in a celebration of not only the beginning of summer but of love, fun, and freedom… to be who we are and to be who we want to be. Continue reading

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