Cross Country Move

Exploring & Moving Across The Country With Dogs

Backseat Drivin' Poodle

It has been almost three months since our little family traveled from Ohio to Washington. Time has flown by since we first drove into Seattle and immersed ourselves into downtown city life. It’s been a crazy ride… sometimes insanely stressful. But, the move actually went so well for us, and my little nomad pups can now add cross country move to their list of achievements! :)

As much as we wanted to visit so many areas of the country on our drive out, our top priority was making sure our most precious cargo was as comfortable and happy as possible. We acquired some anti-nausea medication from our awesome veterinarian (miss her so much!) which I think helped tremendously. The medication was a slight sedative and made them so much calmer. The Doodle usually hates riding in the car and almost always gets carsick, especially in the backseat. The Muppet practically hyperventilates from either excitement, anxiety, or a combination of both and has occasionally gotten sick in the car. During the 40 hour drive, we only had one incident of carsickness. I consider that a success! Continue reading

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