Be The Captain Of Your Cheerleading Squad

Puget Sound Sailboats

Lately, things have been… well, stalled really. It’s like my little bubble of the world decided to slow way the fuck down while the rest of the world keeps chuggin’ right the fuck along.

And, fuck.. I don’t even know.

That’s how I feel about it and every other fucking thing. I feel like an angsty 20 year old college girl who just got dumped, and I’m gonna drown my sorrows in some Zima and croon at the top of my lungs to Garbage’s “Stupid Girl”.

If any 20-somethings or maybe even 30-somethings are reading this, they’re probably like “Lol wut?”

And to them, I’ll just say “Fuck you. Learn some goddamn proper grammar. And then, read up on the awesome culture of the early 90s. Fuck.” Continue reading

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