Yellow Lilies

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and it will be super crazy busy out there tonight, I’m thinking a night in with my husband, a pizza, a bottle of champagne and some ice cream. And then tomorrow, hit the store for discounted chocolate!!!

Ah… the bliss.

What else am I thankful for this week?

my little love notes of gratitude…

 Going on a road trip to an aquarium with my husband

 Genuinely nice people

 Taking a ton of pictures of jellyfish

 Maple whiskey sours

 My new Kindle Paperwhite… yay!

  A dream about Hugh Jackman

 My husband not cutting off his entire fingertip while chopping onions… it was close!

 This roasted chickenso delicious. I will definitely be making again!

What are you grateful for this week?

While the husband and I are not into celebrating Valentine’s Day, we’ll use any excuse to drink champagne! So, I say have a Happy Valentine’s Day no matter how you celebrate it!

xo~ wanderwhirlgirl