Cotton Candy Seattle Skies

Holy shit, people! Can you believe it’s already ummm… basically mid-July!? I will be 40 years old in about two weeks! TWO weeks!

I must use all the exclamation points!

I really need to do my gratitude lists more often.. I’ve been slacking so much with blogging lately. Aaargh.


my little love notes of gratitude…

 The PNW heat wave has finally taken a break. I hope it stays away for good.

 I’ll never get over these gorgeous sunsets though. And they’re not always the same.

 Marriage equality in the United States! Now if some of the county clerks with their knickers in a wad over the decision would get over themselves, do their job, and just issue the damn licenses already…

  Signed a new lease and will be moving out of downtown Seattle next month! I’ll miss the view we have now, but I can do without everything else about living in downtown Seattle. I don’t think we’ll miss the crowded, ‘living on top of each other’ high-rise living, the piss-soaked and littered sidewalks, or the gobs of tourists. Maybe we’ll even see less drug deals and public urination/defecation? It’s going to be strange living in civilization again. ;)

 Folding bikes! The husband and I are looking into acquiring some folding bikes. He’s going to use his for work to cut down on his commute time on the bus. We’re also planning on using them more around our neighborhood for going to the market on the weekends and such. I’m super excited about that!

 We went to our first Sounders (and professional) soccer game (game? match? whatever) last month. It was a really good game, and I kind of got into it. I haven’t done any regular sports watchin’ since high school. Who knew it could still be enjoyable? ;)

 My husband’s sourdough pizza crusts. He’s been making some really good pizzas lately, and I like it when he cooks. And not only because I get a break, but because he enjoys the creativity with it. Plus, he’s good at it!

 Spreadsheets! I love spreadsheets. I really, really do. I use them for practically everything from to-do lists to pros and cons lists to research notes to writing a book. Love ’em, and they’ve been helping me from getting too overwhelmed lately with working out this novel. Organization is the best.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

xo~ wanderwhirlgirl