*Check out Part 1 ~ Magnificent Maine if you missed it!

So, back to that big ol’ boat of old people. When the husband and I weren’t out exploring various cities, we were hittin’ dem clubz.

Ha. Who am I kidding?

We were reading.. like the nerds we are. Exploring is exhausting, yo.

I think I brought along a Harry Potter book, and the husband navigated the ship’s library through a sea of old people stumbling around and/or napping. Yes, napping. No lie.

Reading a Book On A Big Ol' Boat

(Aside from one tour in Portland and one in Boston, we decided to just roam most of the time at our leisure instead of doing the canned tours. We had a lot more relaxed fun that way.)

After a couple stops in Maine, we then ventured onward to Canada! Our first port in this beautiful country was St. John, New Brunswick, which is a beautiful old city. In a nutshell, we visited the Market Square, the City Market, and took pictures of pigeons at King’s Square

St. John NB Market Square

Yes, we are as cool and hip as we sound.


Imitating The Statues At Market Square St. John NB

We roamed the streets of St. John a bit and marveled at the old architecture.

Trinity Anglican Church St. John NB in Autumn

I love old Victorian Gothic churches, and the Trinity Anglican Church is just downright beautiful.

Trinity Anglican Church St. John NB

We woke the next morning to bagpipes greeting us as we docked in Halifax,  Nova Scotia.

Waking Up To Bagpipes at Halfax Nova Scotia Port

You’d think that that would be annoying a 7:30 in the morning, but we thought it was cool.

By the way, old people mentality is highly contagious.

Waterfront Halifax Nova Scotia

The highlight of our visit to Halifax was exploring the Citadel.

Halifax Citadel

There is a lot of history here and so many nooks and crannies to photograph.

Halifax Citadel Staircase

Was I allowed to go down these stairs? I have no idea. There was no sign saying I couldn’t. I’m also pretty sure we saw a ghost down a long tunnel area of the Citadel. So ya know, watch out for that.

Apparently, rickshaw tours are a thing in Halifax. If you can’t handle the walking (there are hills!), you can get a strappin’ young fellow to haul your old ass around. I’ll admit I was a bit jealous.

Halifax Rickshaw Tour

However, we opted for walking and exploring more of the community after our visit to the Citadel.

Alexander Keith's Brewery Halifax Nova Scotia

Halifax Alehouse Nova Scotia


The Press Gang Halifax Nova Scotia

Gah, I just love old architecture. LOVE it, I say! This is a very beautiful and historically rich area of the continent to explore.

Halifax Nova Scotia

I must say the New England area of the U.S. along with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia will always have my heart. There is so much awesome history I love that my heart aches… in a good way, of course.

Onward to Part 3 ~ My Beloved Boston!

xo~ wanderwhirlgirl