Hello, 2017. Let’s Do This.

Man, I did real bad with blogging last year. Seven published posts. Seven. Seven’s a good number and all. One of my favorite numbers, in fact. It’s the best number. There is no better number. (Sorry not sorry… I couldn’t resist.) But, seven posts is not nearly enough writing for one whole year. What can […]

Fragments Of Love Friday ~ Share The Wealth

my little love note of gratitude to a roof over my head, food on the table, and warm socks on my feet… One of the things that weighs heavily on my mind living in Seattle is income inequality and homelessness. It is extremely difficult for me to turn a blind eye to the state of things […]

Wanderlust I Must ~ The Smell Of Autumn

Autumn… it’s my favorite time of year. I love the feel of the brisk air cooling my cheeks. I am mesmerized by the red and yellow leaves swirling in the air before they float to the ground. I love a soft, warm sweater, a pair of good leaf-kickin’ boots, and oh yes, pumpkin spice all the […]

5 Reasons For Americans To Travel Their Own Country

While some people envy those hopping around Europe, touring Asia, or soaking up the sun on the exotice beaches of Bali, I sort of envy the complete opposite vibe of all that. Granted, I want to visit more outside the United States in the future, and a luxurious Mediterranean cruise sounds lovely once in a while. […]

Fragments Of Love Friday ~ Giving Thanks To The Birthday Girl

my little love note of gratitude to my punkin’… This spunky little girl with a big personality has experienced a lot throughout the years. And, we just celebrated her 10th birthday! I admit it… at first, I didn’t want a Chihuahua but… she needed a home. And, I grew up in a home where we […]

Fragments Of Love Friday ~ Time Flies

It has been almost one year and eight months since the husband and I moved to Seattle. And most days, even though time feels as if it has zoomed right by us, it seems like forever ago and not just a measly 20 months. Although I probably bitch more than boast about living in Seattle, I am […]

Hi again! Let’s recap this bitch.

Hey y’all, what’s happening? OK, I am not sure what I’m doing here with this little ol’ website of mine. Obviously, I haven’t written much the past year. I was planning on getting back into photography and at least blogging photographs and such, but then as with the past two or three years always in the month of […]

New Year, New… Well, You Just Do You

Happy 2016, everyone! I sincerely hope everyone had a great holiday season and are ready to take on the new year! I used to make resolutions every damn year, and I have to admit I still make goals of some sort even though I know I am probably setting myself up for something other than […]

Fragments Of Love Friday ~ A Fairytale Escape

I have been quite short-tempered the past couple days. The slightest things have been annoying me, and my patience has been reduced to negative numbers on the tolerance scale. Maybe I’ve had too much shitty food lately… too much anger-inducing dairy foods (is that a thing? maybe?) and not enough calming, magnesium-rich nuts, seeds, and veggies. […]

Doing Life

Stagnation. Despair. Hope. Those are the three words that essentially describe how I had been feeling. And yes, that’s a contradictory mess that made up my headspace. It was very much a yo-yo spectrum of emotions cycling through me. The causes were wide and varied, and I will not go into much detail about that. […]