Fragments Of Love Friday ~ A Blurry Daze

Well shit, it’s been a while, folks. I would like to say I’ve been so busy, so important, that I’m kind of a big deal, but um…I’m not. While I have been busy with life, I feel as though I have nothing to show for it. I’m still battling mysterious aches and pains, etc. that […]

I See Skin Color And You Can Too!

This is an open letter to a small minority of folks who say “I don’t see color.” or why can’t we just say “We’re all humans.” or some other phrase that they emit with open arms that sounds all shiny and rainbow-y on the surface, but deep down, it’s just…so wrong. While it may seem a […]

Do The Thing That Scares You

I have been on autopilot for the past couple days, feeling as though I am having an out of body experience as I watch myself go through the motions of normal, everyday life while allowing all the information that was hurled at me the previous few days to slowly leak its way into the processing […]

Wanderlust I Must ~ A Utopia Of Fig Newtons & Werther’s Original

As opposed to all the ‘same old same old’ dystopian novels, I would love to read a dystopian (or rather utopian, in my opinion) of where the sole survivors in this world are older people beyond the point of breeding. (Preferably, the cool old folks and none of those conservative nutbags though… know what I’m saying?) […]

“It’s Better To Show Up Than To Give Up” ~ Bernie Sanders

As the presidential term of our 45th president looms ahead and we approach 100 days of a gloomy, frightening USA, I have often wondered how do his voters feel now? I know the diehard conservatives who are all ‘America first!” and “Yeah, fuck women’s rights!” and “Get those foreigners out of our country!” probably still think […]

Wanderlust I Must ~ A Bright & Minimalist Writing Nook

A good writing space is essential. And every artist is different. Each and every one of us will thrive in a completely different environment from the next artist. I hate that stereotypical perception that all creatives are messy. Maybe I’m not as creative as I hope I am (most likely not), but having a cluttered workspace […]

Time To Write Or Get Off The Pot

How the fuck is it past mid-April already!? Arrrgh. So much for a whiz-bang start to the year. I was hoping that 2017 would be less stressful than 2016, but so far, it’s been about the same. Yeah… I’m hoping beyond hope right now that we’re on an upswing though.. that some fucking stars or […]

A Scattered Brain ~ Fuck, I’m Tired.

I’m tired. Tired of life. Tired of being an adult. Tired of being tired. Tired of carrying what feels like the entire weight of an elephant in problems upon my achy shoulders. Some days, it’s a baby elephant. Other days, it’s like a papa elephant. Always a goddamn elephant. And yes, baby elephants are fucking […]

Fragments Of Love Friday ~ Long Overdue

It’s been a while since I’ve done a gratitude post, so this is long overdue and very much needed on my part. This is a fucked up and rather scary time in our country, folks. We’re so close to a political disaster, so try to keep the good things in life present in your mind at […]

How To Keep Going When Our Country Is In A Political Shitstorm

So yeah… it’s been four years now, right? It’s 2021? We’re all good? We got over our dumb moment? A moment that will live forever in the history books but did not doom us. Because we squashed that shit early in the beginning and didn’t suffer too dire of long-term consequences. Right? What? It’s still […]